About me -

Let me introduce myself.  I am a Jersey girl living in Delaware by way of Pennsylvania. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter who is by far my favorite subject, my loving, supportive husband and our rescue dog Guinness. I continued my education after high school, as most do, when I attended Muhlenberg College in the fall of 2000.  After 2 years, with the help and encouragement of my family, I left Muhlenberg and began attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia for Photography. It was surprisingly harder than one would expect. I graduated in 2004. My goal after I graduated was to be able to support myself as a professional photographer. It was a very difficult time and for the good of my family I set that dream aside to get a full time job in another field.  

After a year or 2 of working, I found myself working in non-profit events and fundraising. It was rewarding but at the same time something was missing.  Fast forward to this past October when, with the support of my husband, I left my full-time, benefit paying, 9 to 5 job to pursue my love, photography.  Please browse my website and feel free to contact me! Tell me what you love, hate or just want to vent about.  This blog will be where you will find anything from sneak peaks of photo sessions to my thoughts and feeling about this new venture and photography.  Enjoy!