Longwood....Again :-)

Leaving my full-time, full benefit, weekly income job in October was terrifying, exciting, anxiety inducing and one of the best choices I have ever made. While the pennies are being pinched as I am getting this career of mine off the ground, I have had the amazing privilege to see my daughter experience new things and grow up before my eyes. Charlotte still goes to school 3 days a week, otherwise I would get nothing done, but on the days we get together I try not to sit around the house (though some days that is just what we need). One of my best investments was a membership at Longwood Gardens. It has already paid for its self and every morning my daughter asks me if she can "go to the flower show". On a beautiful day like Monday, how could I say no? She is growing up right before my camera and I am so happy to be able to capture it! 

Longwood in April

According to my Timehop, my daughter was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and playing in water on this date last year. Today is the first day where I did not HAVE to put a coat on her, thought she fought to put a coat AND a hat on.  After walking outside, she very promptly removed them. With weather like this, how could I not take advantage of our membership to Longwood Gardens?

After a rough week last week (the vicious stomach bug) I decided a trip somewhere outdoors was in order.  A quick drive to Longwood seemed like a good idea.  Now that Charlotte has grown out of the "I want to pick every flower I see" stage, it has become much more enjoyable to go along. While we have yet to make it to the treehouse, which she would certainly love, we did get a lovely day of looking at flowers, playing in water and greeting every person who walked by. 

I love the audible amazement of my daughter when she walks into the Conservatory to all the beautiful colors.  She made 3 wishes in the fountain, of which she kept secret of course, and searched out the one puddle in the whole place.  She determines the direction we go and I follow.  One day we will make it to all the corners of the Gardens, until then I am happy with her as my leader. 

Spring at the Flower Show

When weather gives you lemons, you make lemonade, that's how that phrase goes right? When most of your job relies on weather you have to make the best of it.

My last full time job I had was at The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades. It's quite an amazing school. Make sure to google it or click here to read more about it. One of the programs they have is horticulture. Every year they participate in the annual flower show and every year they win a ton of awards.

Last year was my first year going and of course I didn't bring my camera. Not this year! It was a nice way to take the chill off this cold winter. They also have a vendor area which fills my need for crafts and shopping.

The show is over but here is a little taste of what I saw. Enjoy!