Longwood in April

According to my Timehop, my daughter was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and playing in water on this date last year. Today is the first day where I did not HAVE to put a coat on her, thought she fought to put a coat AND a hat on.  After walking outside, she very promptly removed them. With weather like this, how could I not take advantage of our membership to Longwood Gardens?

After a rough week last week (the vicious stomach bug) I decided a trip somewhere outdoors was in order.  A quick drive to Longwood seemed like a good idea.  Now that Charlotte has grown out of the "I want to pick every flower I see" stage, it has become much more enjoyable to go along. While we have yet to make it to the treehouse, which she would certainly love, we did get a lovely day of looking at flowers, playing in water and greeting every person who walked by. 

I love the audible amazement of my daughter when she walks into the Conservatory to all the beautiful colors.  She made 3 wishes in the fountain, of which she kept secret of course, and searched out the one puddle in the whole place.  She determines the direction we go and I follow.  One day we will make it to all the corners of the Gardens, until then I am happy with her as my leader.